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Over the years, Maxpro-Intelligence has helped several company,business owners and HR reduce the risk of hiring employee with dubious background. We help our clients choose the right employees by providing a wide range of screening checks. Business account can cater your verification requirement of both white collar employees and blue collar staff. Sign up by filling basic information about your company and get your account activated within 24 hours.

Personal Needs

As an individual if you wish to verify your driver, nanny, babysitter, domestic help, security guard or tenant then Personal account will cater your requirements. This account also helps you to conduct self-verification, if required. We have pre-selected packages for catering your requirements.

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As a requestor I have obtained necessary consent, authorization, documents and details from the person to be verified and based on the same I am placing this online request for verification.The request for verification is initiated only for tenancy or employment or self- verification purposes . I will also keep the original copy of the authorization letter filled & signed by the person to be verified in my safe custody all the time to prove my authority in requesting for the said verification, in case of any instance of infringement of privacy, is raised/claimed by the person on behalf of whom the request for verification is made either on me or with helloverify.

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We link up with various data sources to provide you real time information.

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Get instant feedback from our data partners on your applicants to take informed decisions

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Get instant case updates. Ordering a background screening check has never been so easy.