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Authenticating and objectively verifying an individual’s identity Address Check,Education Check...

Investigation Services

providing Individuals Background Investigation,Servillence,Pre-Post Marital Investigation

Personal Services

Expertise in authenticating personal services which include Tenant & Driver Background Check

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We are providing most reliable, compliant and cost effective solutions.

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Excellent Solution For Your Business

We deliver standard of excellence of work . We do what we say we will.

To contribute to client success through dedication, conscious innovation and shared knowledge.

To be the most compelling and relevant background screening solution.

We have strong business judgment and good instincts. Hire and Develop the Best. We raise the performance bar with every hire and promotion. We develop leaders and take seriously their role in coaching others. We work as a unified unit and make decisions through the lens of our priorities and in collaboration with each other.

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Background Checks for Your Business Needs

Your background check needs are as unique as your business. At Trusted Employees, we customize our service to your industry, business type, and position you’re hiring for.

Professional Services

Employment Verification

Employment Verification What do applicants lie about the most? According to one study it’s skill sets, responsibilities, job titles, and employment dates. These lies are hard to...

Professional Services

Identity & Address

Identity theft and fraud are on the rise and this puts you at risk of hiring someone who’s lying about their identity. Trusted Employees offers complete identity and address history...

Profesional Services

Education Verification

According to recent surveys, 3 out of 4 HR managers have found a lie on a resume. Falling for inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading educational information...

Personal Services

Tenant Check & Driver Background Check

Tenant backgrounds checks are commonly used by landlords and property management companies to verify a potential tenant's identity ...

Investigation Services

Individuals Background Investigation

Hiring the wrong applicant can put the safety of your team and clients at risk. Many services rely on a single, outdated database when running background checks...

Investigation Services

Surveillance & Pre-Post Marital Investigation

Surveillance & Pre-Post Marital Investigation will help you learn whether a potential individual has ever been convicted of a crime that is directly related to your firm...

Why Choose Maxpro-Intelligence?

Automated Proccess

Maxpro-intelligence provides an Automated Proccess to verify and authenticate instant background check

Proven Experience

We deliver standard of excellence of work . We do what we say we will.

Real Time Tracking

We are providing most reliable, compliant and cost effective solutions with real time tracking and fastest turnaround time.

Customer Approach

Our decision-making process always starts with our customer. We work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust.

Data Security

All customer data, personal data, or other company data defined as sensitive by the maxpro-intelligence's data classification policy.

client service exellence with us

Our Research & Experience

Research Expertise

We link up with various data sources to provide you real time information.

Customer Service

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Simplified Reports

Get instant feedback from our data partners on your applicants to take informed decisions

Technology Automation

Get instant case updates. Ordering a background screening check has never been so easy.